How Do You Display a Diploma Cover?

How Do You Display a Diploma Cover?

Upon completion of your high school or college education, you’ll be given a precious piece of paper: the coveted diploma. It’s a tangible marker of your achievements and your years of hard work. With it, your loved ones, employer, and even strangers will know that you were able to finish your education.

Because of these reasons, many people choose to put their diplomas on display. You have every right to want to showcase one of your most significant achievements. Once you place it in a sturdy and stylish diploma cover to protect it from damage and draw the proper attention to it, you can show it off in a place that’s highly visible. Here are some spots where you can proudly display your diploma.

Placed Against a Wall

Hanging your diploma cover against a wall is the simplest way to show off the document. It also adds a level of elegance, especially when added on a mantle, next to the staircase, or in a hallway. This allows for maximum visibility without you needing much design know-how. You can hang it on a nail or hook, use a fastener, or tie a loose string — whichever you find most convenient. Make sure to place it near eye-level if you want it to draw attention.

Hung Above the Mantle

Placing your diploma on the mantle, also known as a fireplace shelf, is another excellent way to get maximum visibility. Fireplaces are usually located in gathering places for family and visitors. When your diploma is displayed there, it’s a guarantee that many people will notice it.

Sitting on a Desk

…or hanging on a wall behind your desk — it’s up to you. Either way, putting your diploma on or near your desk is one of the most popular options out there. This way, you’re always reminded of what you were able to achieve. It can serve as an inspiration when you need motivation on a project. The only drawback is that you’re either going to need a bigger desk or some cleared space for the large document!

As a Centerpiece Around Your Other Achievements

Many families have dedicated sections within their homes where their children’s achievements are displayed. Your diploma can serve as the centerpiece of it all, surrounded by trophies, medals, and ribbons. It’s almost like the area is telling a story of your scholastic and extracurricular pursuits, with your diploma as the climax of the tale.

Protect Your Diploma With a Custom Holder

Before you put your diploma anywhere, you must first secure it with a custom diploma holder. This way, the delicate paper will be protected from physical damage, heat, moisture, and mold. To find the best diploma covers, check out the catalog of Hey Congrats! and order yours today!