Certificate and Holder Ideas For Your Organization

Certificate and Holder Ideas For Your Organization

Virtually any organization can convey appreciation to its members with a custom certificate and holder. Let’s take a look at how some organizations use certificates to showcase the accomplishments of their members. You can use certificates and holders from Same Day Diplomas if you are a non-profit, a business, or even in your classroom as a teacher.

Elected members 

Many organizations, mostly non-profits, utilize an elected executive board. One way that your organization can recognize these members for their service is with a custom certificate and holder. These certificates could potentially be issued showing the date of their election, the length of the term, and thank the member for their service.

College fraternities and sororities

Throughout the school year, college fraternities and sororities will hold charitable events to raise money for the organizations of their choice. If one member spearheads the planning for the event, a certificate of appreciation with the holder can be a great way to thank that member for their extra work. Certificates can also showcase accomplishments within a fraternity or sorority and can even be used for recruitment. 

Municipal organizations 

City and county governments throughout the country often have several committees that meet throughout the year that craft ordinances and code. Many of these committee members work voluntarily. A certificate and holder at the end of a fiscal year can go a long way from paid officials to thank these people for their work. 

Many areas throughout the country also have volunteer police, fire, and EMT services. A city government can issue a certificate of appreciation each year for these volunteer members. A special certificate can also be issued for these people when they complete milestone years of service, such as five or ten years.


Schools often award students certificates for their academic accomplishments. However, there are many parents that help support the classroom throughout the year. Here are some ways that schools could utilize certificates and holders to help recognize these parents:

  • Recognize parents that help support the classroom with the donation of supplies and materials.
  • Award parents who volunteer their time to school organizations, such as the PTA.
  • Honor parents who work in the school in a volunteer capacity, such as helping with holiday parties, in the lunchroom, and on the playground.


There are many clubs and organizations throughout the United States, ranging from the Boy Scouts of America to the Jaycees. These organizations support their community in a wide variety of different capacities. Here are some opportunities for certificates of appreciation within these organizations:

  • For providing outstanding leadership during an organizational event. 
  • For providing community service as part of a club requirement. 
  • For any special contribution that exceeds the organization’s expectations for service.

In the workplace

Work is always an appropriate occasion for a certificate of achievement. In addition to regular incentives, like pay raises, promotions, and other types of benefits, certificates of achievement can help make a team member feel appreciated and valued. Here are some situations where you can reward employees with a certificate of achievement:

  • For reaching a certain milestone, like a sales quota.
  • For exceeding expectations on a difficult project.
  • For when the company as a whole reaches a particular milestone, you can reward the employees that spearheaded certain efforts. 
  • For certain things that are taken for granted every day, such as perfect attendance.

Why is recognition important? 

Recognition is important for a wide variety of reasons. In the workplace, there are a plethora of statistics. First and foremost, employee productivity increases by 31% when members of your team are happy. More than 40% of Americans would invest more energy into productivity if they were recognized more often. 

Recognition is also a great motivator for employees to stay at their current position. One study claimed that employees were more likely to stay at their company because of employee recognition. In fact, 69% of employees tend to stay at their current job because of employee recognition programs.

In organizations, such as Boy Scouts, recognition is a huge driver of retention. Around one-third of scouts leave because they want to focus their time into other activities that they enjoy. With recognition outside the organization’s structure (such as merit badges), a certificate of achievement can help a person enjoy their membership within an organization. 

In the classroom, certificates have also proven to be effective for retaining students. In some colleges, a certificate program often gives students the encouragement they need to stick out a class or a degree program. 

When is an appropriate time to recognize your organization’s members with a certificate and holder? 

You can give certificates whenever you deem appropriate. Sometimes, businesses will honor their employee’s achievements quarterly. An employee-of-the month program can be a great time to recognize people within your organization. Clubs and organizations can recognize key individuals at their monthly meetings or during an annual awards meeting. 

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