Three Ways to Showcase Your High School Diploma

Three Ways to Showcase Your High School Diploma

Completing high school is not an easy task. It took years of labor. You must endure long evenings, challenging courses, endless midterms, finals, and projects. However, here you are, on the other side of it all. You did it! You've earned your diploma!

High School graduation is a significant accomplishment that may lead to excellent employment prospects. Graduation day's high school diploma signifies a great deal to you and your family, so make sure you display it with pride.

 Custom Framing

 Custom frames are modifiable in terms of style and color, should the necessity arise. For instance, if you move or redecorate your house or business, you may discover that the original colors of your mats do not match your new aesthetic. In this situation, you may replace your original mats with standard, linen, or suede mats in more complementary hues. Choose matting, backing, and mounting materials of museum grade to protect your document. Safe removal of your diploma for duplication, if required: If you need to duplicate your certificate for a potential job, graduate school, or professional organization, you may remove it from its frame, make the copy, and re-insert it.

The document is securely "separated" from the glass to significantly decrease the danger of humidity-related damage: In a bespoke frame with archival-quality matting, your diploma will not come into direct touch with the glass. The UV-resistant glass prevents your certificate from yellowing, breaking, and deteriorating over time. Not only is framing your diploma a terrific method to secure this valuable document, but it also allows you to design a presentation that complements your current décor or reflects your personality. So, whether you're framing your degree for your bedroom or workplace, you may pick an attractive and adaptable solution to your changing tastes.

Placing Your Diploma on a Plaque

Placing your diploma on a plaque is the cheapest option (but it is not advised). With the plaque, the certificate is displayed on a hardwood board with a protective acrylic layer on top. Some types provide easy insertion of the paper behind the acrylic, but others use four brads that may need punching holes in the document.

The latter is inappropriate for a diploma. Even the "slip-in" plaque approach is not ideal from a conservation standpoint since the document is in close contact with the acrylic. If moisture builds up or the plaque is subjected to high humidity, the paper might adhere to the acrylic and tear upon removal. In rare instances, the document's lack of "breathing space" might lead to discoloration or even mold and mildew development. Should you organize your degree in this way? It may be an excellent interim option while you await the arrival of your bespoke frame, but it is not suggested for long-term storage due to the reasons listed above.

You may also opt to have your diploma irreversibly laminated to a wood-finished board. Since your high school diploma is permanently sealed, you cannot alter or update its appearance. The low-quality plastic and adhesive used in the pressing process may degrade, get foggy, and consume your paper over time. In addition, if your diploma contains a gold seal or an honors sticker, such as Cum Laude, lamination flattens the embossed text on the seal, rendering the honors inscription unreadable! Don't jeopardize one of the most important papers you will ever possess!

This diploma framing method may seem simple and visually beautiful, yet it is detrimental to the longevity of your valuable degree.

Using a Diploma Cover

New grads purchase diploma covers for their high school diplomas because everyone realizes this item's importance. Even family members and friends receive them as gifts. The main aim of diploma covers is to cover and protect a graduate's diploma. However, many people mistakenly believe that it is something intended for one purpose. In truth, diploma covers aren't just for protecting certificates.

Graduation diploma covers aren't just bought or given as a way to protect vital papers; the fact that they also maintain a priceless document makes the cover itself an essential object for the owner. Every student takes pride and joy in putting their diploma in the frame and displaying it.

You might consider including graduation photos and other pertinent pictures in an album. Consider using graduation diploma covers as your photo album or scrapbook instead—here's an original suggestion for you. Since diploma covers can be displayed like regular frames, as opposed to book albums, which are placed on a shelf and are eventually forgotten, you can emphasize the most remarkable and unforgettable memories. Also, it is superior to picture frames because the diploma cover is technically more durable and roomy due to its waterproof hard exterior and vast dimension.

Diploma cover scrapbooks are fantastic DIY arts and crafts because the covers can be highly modified to fit individual preferences and thus increase sentimental value. In addition, you may make it more enjoyable and meaningful by doing it with a particular person, such as a friend or the recipient of the gift. Doesn't that improve and make it far more intriguing than the diploma cover's original purpose? You can also include photos, letters, and trinkets on the scrapbook for your diploma cover. With this graduation DIY project, the options are endless.

Everyone benefits from this since it makes the activity unique and worthwhile because of how it is made and turns out. Additionally, it is one of the unique yet special graduation presents you give someone. You could easily frame that piece of paper and display it for everyone, but let's not forget about the diploma since we don't want to overshadow that.  Hey, Congrats has everything you need to display your high school diploma. Keep your certificate protected in one of our diploma covers. Please choose one of our custom designs or create one yourselfContact us today, and we will help you get started!