Cool Ways To Present Your Degree

Cool Ways To Present Your Degree

If you’re looking for cool and unique ways to present your degree to your prospective employers, then you’re in for a treat. The way you present yourself to an employer makes a big impact on your application. So in this article, we’ll be giving you a couple of cool yet professional ways you can present your degree holder to your prospective employers.

1. Include Your University/College Colors

A great way to present your degree or diploma is to have a customized degree holder with the school’s color as a theme. Not only does it show a representation of the college or university, but it is also a sign of pride that the particular school was able to produce great graduates. Therefore, your future employer will get the impression that you came from a reputable college or university and it might even be a factor for a better chance at being hired.

2. Choose a Readable Font

Your diploma doesn’t have to be fancy enough that it is barely readable to anyone that sees it. When you’re applying for a job, you want your employers to read every single piece of information about you. And that not only goes for your resume but also your diploma.

Your name, college/university name, and other letters indicated in the diploma must be clear and readable.

3. Have the Logo in Full Color

Having more color on your diploma doesn’t mean that you’re unprofessional. Having your school’s logo in full color is a fun way to present your degree without going overboard. Having a colored logo increases the presentability and it won’t make your diploma look boring. 

4. Don’t Use Regular Templates

It is always better to customize rather than have a pre-set template for your degree holder. It shows uniqueness and makes you stand out. 

5. Choose the Perfect Size

Choosing a size for your diploma is somewhat a factor that is brushed off by many. The way you present your diploma relies on its size. You must pick the right size for your diploma. You wouldn’t want to make it too small or too big either. Just the right size is enough to better present your diploma 

6. Don’t Pre-print Signatures

Pre-printed signatures on your diplomas show that not much of an effort was put into them. If each diploma was manually signed it shows that the authorities went through every single student and approved them. 


Your degree holder doesn’t have to be over-the-board fancy but it doesn’t have to be boring as well. You’d want to stand out in front of your prospective employers. You can do so by having a customized degree holder. For your diploma, certificate, award, and accolade needs, feel free to visit Hey Congrats.