How Can You Keep Your Diploma Safe if You Move?

How Can You Keep Your Diploma Safe if You Move?

Whether you are moving to a new home or office, it’s crucial to protect your valuables, including your accreditations. If you’re not careful, you could lose or damage priceless documents. One of the files you have to keep safe is your diploma. 

After all, it represents your dedication and hard work. Also, replacing your certificate might take some time. This article will discuss five practical tips to keep your diploma in pristine condition during transport. 

1. Make Sure You Have a Custom Diploma Holder To Protect Your Degree

Diploma holders come in various sizes and colors. If you want to ensure your diploma’s safety, a custom one is the best solution. You want a product that fits your certificate perfectly because an inch of difference could cause the paper to fold around the edges. 

2. Use Bubble Wrap

Before transit, cover your diploma in bubble wrap. This material keeps goods safe by providing a flexible but durable cushion against any impact type. Use at least three layers to protect your diploma from severe crashes. 

Using bubble wrap is ideal, but you can also use packing peanuts or a blanket as an alternative. Tape the material tight enough to keep it from sliding during the move. 

3. Secure the Corners

Even with diploma holders, the corners of your certificate are the most prone to damage. Before transporting it, add extra layers of protection to this area. You can use corner protectors or makeshift tools if you don’t have them in stock. 

If you don't have other materials, feel free to add bubble wrap around the edges. Use generous amounts of tape to secure these areas. 

4. Place Your Certificate in a Box

As an additional protection layer, place your wrapped diploma in a box with some pieces of paper. Choosing the ideal material can be the game-changer you need to secure your certificate, so choose a thick and sturdy one that can withstand collisions with large furniture. Boxing your diploma ensures it won’t bounce around during the move. 

5. Label Your Diploma

Lastly, label your diploma properly. First, tag it as fragile, so the movers take extra care of it. Also, indicate on the box where you want the specialists to place the item, like the new living room or the corner office. Apart from surviving road bumps, it’s also crucial that you don’t lose your diploma throughout the trip. 

Prepare To Move

Are you ready to move to your new home or office? Apart from safeguarding your furniture, don’t forget to protect your important documents. 

When in doubt, invest in diploma holders for your academic certificates. Get in touch with our specialists to find the ideal products for your needs.