Do You Have to Show Your College Diploma for a Job?

Do You Have to Show Your College Diploma for a Job?

For most job applications, presenting a resume would suffice. However, there are employers who tend to be more meticulous about who they want to hire. Aside from a resume, their vetting process might require applicants to present other relevant documentation or certification. This is especially true for those who are applying for positions that require a field of specialization or expertise. 

In the case of college graduates, your prospective employer might also require you to include your college diploma when applying for a position. While not all employers take this step, it always pays to be ready. Aside from preparing your college diploma, make sure that it’s kept secure in a diploma cover to make it more presentable and to keep it from being folded or wrinkled. 

If you’re wondering why prospective employers might want to see your college diploma, here are a few reasons they might have: 

Background Check 

Checking the background of potential new-hires is a standard procedure in most, if not all, professional settings. This is to ensure that the applicant is being truthful about the credentials they’ve submitted. Additionally, conducting background checks will let them know whether applicants have a criminal record or are engaged in activities that run contrary to the company’s policies and values. 

As a college graduate applying for a job, showing them your diploma can serve as additional proof that you are a good candidate for the position. It also lends more weight to your transcript and resume, as well as assures prospective employers that you are being honest about your credentials. 

Education Verification

While an applicant’s educational background might be secondary to some employers, what you’ve accomplished in college will be the highlight of your resume if you’re a recent college graduate. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a teaching position or jobs that require higher education, your academic background and achievements have significant bearing on your chances of getting hired. Therefore, employers might ask to see your diploma so they can verify whether you’ve truly attended and graduated from a particular institution. 

As unfortunate as it is, employers need to take these precautions because some applicants submit fraudulent documents, especially when it comes to their education. Showing your prospective employers that you have an authentic college diploma won’t just let you stand out, but it will assure them that you have, indeed, passed your academic requirements. 

For Documentation

Some employers might want to see your diploma simply for documentation purposes. Depending on their hiring procedure, they might conduct verifications much later. Otherwise, they might consider your diploma when matching you with a prospective vacancy or a future promotion. 

It Pays to Be Prepared

As mentioned, not all employers require a college diploma during job applications. However, if they do, it always pays to be ready with the necessary documentation. When asked to show your college diploma, it’s best to present it inside a diploma holder to increase its authenticity, credibility, and safety.